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Augusta National has evolved from a modest idea to a global attraction for golf lovers since its founding in 1933. The club has hosted several instances of success, heartache, and sublime sporting brilliance thanks to its beautiful greens and well crafted holes. The top golfers assemble there every spring to fight for the coveted Green Jacket at the Masters Tournament; it is a site where history is made.

In this article, we explore Augusta National Golf Club’s illustrious past and storied customs. 

Who founded “Augusta National Golf Club” ?

Bobby Jones, a well-known American golfer, and Clifford Roberts, an investment banker, established the Augusta National Golf Club. The club is situated in Augusta, Georgia, in the United States, and it was founded in 1932. The annual Masters Tournament, one of the most important competitions in professional golf, is one of Augusta National’s most well-known events.

How can you become a Member of Augusta ?

Becoming a member of Augusta National Golf Club, the exclusive private club in Augusta, Georgia, is an invitation-only process. The club maintains the confidentiality of its membership requirements and selection procedure and has a small number of members. However, given what is known about the club, the following general recommendations and data:

1. Network and establish connections: The Augusta National encourages recommendations from its current members. Connect and network. Developing connections with powerful people who are already club members may improve your chances of getting invited.

2. Achieve prominence in your field: Augusta National has always invited people who have attained notoriety in a variety of fields, including business, politics, sports, or philanthropy. If you succeed in your chosen field and acquire recognition, you can be eligible for membership.

3. Show your enthusiasm for golf: Augusta National is a prestigious golf club, and your appeal to the club may rise if you can demonstrate your real enthusiasm for the game. It may be beneficial to be actively involved in the golfing community, compete at a high level, or back golf-related causes.

4. Maintain privacy and discretion: Augusta National respects the confidentiality of its members. If you want to be taken into consideration for membership, you must respect their ethos of secrecy and keep a low profile.

5. Be patient: Augusta National’s membership procedure is extremely selective and time-consuming. People frequently have to wait years before getting an invitation, if they get one at all. The club chooses who to invite based on its own internal factors; there is no formal application process.

In the end, joining Augusta National Golf Club requires a personal invitation from a current member, and the exact requirements and selection procedure are well held secrets.

What does the Winner at Masters Tournament receive ?


The annual Masters Tournament champion receives a number of accolades and awards at Augusta National Golf Club. The customary prize for the winner is as follows:

1. Green Jacket: Since 1949, it has been customary to present the champion with the recognisable Green Jacket. The jacket, which is handed down from one winner to the next, represents membership in the exclusive club. After one year, the winner returns the jacket to the club, where it is kept in their locker.

2. Replica Trophy: Winner receives a replica of the Masters Trophy, sometimes known as the “Masters Champions Trophy.” This award stands on a pedestal and is a sterling silver copy of the clubhouse. It acts as a reminder of the triumph.

3. Prize Money: The winner receives a large monetary award as their prize. The precise sum varies from year to year, but traditionally, the Masters has offered one of the biggest prize pools in golf. The total prize money, which is generally in the millions of dollars, goes to the winner, who receives a sizeable portion of it.

4. Lifetime Invitation: A lifetime invitation to participate in the Masters Tournament is extended to the victor. As long as they continue to play golf, they will automatically be qualified to compete in the tournament for the remainder of their golfing career.

5. Exemptions: Winning the Masters entitles you to an exemption into a number of other important golf competitions. For a predetermined number of years, the winner is granted exemptions to the PGA Championship, the U.S. Open, and The Open Championship (British Open).

In conclusion, winning the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club is a very important accomplishment in the world of golf, and the prizes that go along with it accurately represent the importance of the triumph.

What is Green Jacket Tradition in “Augusta National Golf Club” ?

The Green Jacket tradition is a significant and highly esteemed tradition at the Augusta National Golf Club, which hosts the annual Masters Tournament, one of the four major championships in professional golf. The Green Jacket is awarded to the winner of the Masters Tournament and is considered one of the most iconic symbols in the sport.

The tradition began in 1949 when members of the Augusta National Golf Club decided to introduce a distinctive and recognizable symbol to identify past champions and members. They chose a green jacket as the official attire for club members, and it was subsequently adopted as the prize for the Masters Tournament winner.

The Green Jacket has a single-breasted style with a button-down front and is constructed of a thin green wool material. The Augusta National Golf Club’s lush fairways and immaculate surroundings are symbolised by the emblematic green colour. During the awards ceremony, the winner is given a jacket that is specially fitted to fit them.

But there is something special about the Green Jacket custom. The Green Jacket is given to the winner, but they are not allowed to keep it. Instead, anytime they go to Augusta National when they are the reigning champion, they are given a jacket to wear. The winner can wear the jacket inside the club but not outside of it after it has been stored there.

The defending champion from the previous year is the sole exception to this regulation; he or she is permitted to keep the jacket for a certain amount of time before returning it to Augusta National. The Green Jacket serves as a reminder of a player’s accomplishment and membership in the Augusta National Golf Club once they have won the Masters Tournament.

The Green Jacket has developed into a recognizable and prestigious symbol in golf over time. Professional golfers greatly prize it, and winning the Masters Tournament and donning the Green Jacket is regarded as one of the sport’s pinnacle achievements.

The only exception to this rule is the reigning champion from the previous year, who is allowed to keep the jacket for a specific period of time before returning it to Augusta National. Once a player has won the Masters Tournament, the Green Jacket serves as a memento of their success and membership in the Augusta National Golf Club.

Over time, the Green Jacket has become a distinctive and prestigious symbol in golf. Professional golfers highly value it, and taking home the Green Jacket after winning the Masters Tournament is thought to be the sport’s highest honour.

Conditions and Guidelines for fans at Augusta National Golf Club 

Club has its own set of rules and guidelines for spectators, commonly known as patrons, to ensure the smooth running of the tournament and maintain the atmosphere and traditions of the event. Here are some general conditions that may apply to fans at Augusta National Golf Club:

1. Tickets: In order to enter the tournament grounds, spectators must have a ticket that is currently valid. Tickets are frequently limited and can only be purchased by joining the club’s waiting list or winning a lottery.

2. Dress Code: Augusta National has a strict dress code that applies to both players and spectators. Customers are required to dress appropriately for golf, which often consists of collared shirts, fitted shorts or pants and golf shoes without metal spikes.

3. Mobile devices: Mobile phone usage is prohibited on Augusta National’s premises. Customers are typically prohibited from making or receiving calls on their mobile phones, taking pictures, or recording videos while they are present. There are places where using a phone in moderation may be allowed.

4. Spectator Conduct: The Augusta National Golf Club places a high priority on keeping a respectful and dignified environment. The club expects spectators to conduct themselves appropriately, to respect the players and other spectators, and to follow the rules and regulations put forth by the club.

5. Security Measures: Augusta National Golf Club uses security procedures, like many other well-known sporting events, to make sure that everyone who attends is safe and secure. These precautions could include metal detectors, bag checks, and other security procedures.

Most Famous Augusta National Members

Augusta Members

Due to the club’s privacy regulations, only a small number of Augusta National members are known to the general public. Here are a few well-known people who have been connected to Augusta National throughout the years:

1. Dwight D. Eisenhower: The 34th President of the United States, Eisenhower was a member of Augusta National and played golf regularly at the club.

2. Arnold Palmer: A legendary golfer and one of the most beloved figures in the history of the sport, Palmer was a member of Augusta National and won the Masters Tournament four times.

3. Jack Nicklaus: Widely regarded as one of the greatest golfers of all time, Nicklaus has won the Masters Tournament a record six times. He became a member of Augusta National after his first Masters victory in 1963.

4. Bill Gates: The co-founder of Microsoft and philanthropist, Gates is known to be a member of Augusta National.

5. Warren Buffett: An American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, Buffett is also a member of Augusta National.

6. Condoleezza Rice: The former United States Secretary of State, Rice is a notable member of Augusta National and is one of the few women who have been admitted as members.

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