7 Richest Golf Caddies – 2023

What is the role of Caddies in the Golf ? Their primary job is to carry and manage the golfer’s equipment, provide advice and guidance, and offer support throughout the game. Here are some specific responsibilities of golf caddies: 1.Equipment management: Caddies carry the golfer’s bag, which normally contains the necessary equipment such golf clubs…

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Jaggery vs Sugar vs Honey

In terms of sweeteners, the market offers a wide range of choices. The three most widely used sweeteners are honey, sugar, and jaggery. Despite the fact that all three are used to add sweetness to food and beverages, there are important distinctions among them in terms of flavour, nutrition, and health advantages. To assist you…

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Death of IITs ? – 2023

Recent years have seen a decline in the quality of education and research in the IITs, leading many to question the relevance and future of these institutions. In this article, we will explore the factors that have contributed to the “Death of IITs”. HISTORY IITs, or the Indian Institutes of Technology, were introduced in India…

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