7 Richest Golf Caddies – 2023

What is the role of Caddies in the Golf ?

Their primary job is to carry and manage the golfer’s equipment, provide advice and guidance, and offer support throughout the game. Here are some specific responsibilities of golf caddies:

1.Equipment management: Caddies carry the golfer’s bag, which normally contains the necessary equipment such golf clubs and balls. They make sure that the golfer’s gear is perfect, well-organized, and accessible during the round.

2.Distance and Course Knowledge: Caddies have a deep understanding of the golf course, including the layout, yardages, and potential hazards. They provide valuable information about distances to the green, suggested club selection, and strategies for navigating each hole.

3.Club Selection: Caddies help golfers select the best club for each stroke based on their understanding of the golfer’s skills and the state of the course. They take into account things like the golfer’s preferences, yardage, hazards, and the direction of the wind.

4.Course Management: Caddies make suggestions on the best way to approach each hole. They recommend the ideal approach and landing angles as well as danger zones. Their knowledge can assist golfers in making decisions that will maximise their performance.

5.Green Reading: Caddies help by analysing slopes on the putting greens and recommending the best line for a putt. Additionally, they might offer commentary on the course’s greens’ eccentricities and green tempo.

7 Richest Golf Caddies are –

Caddie Name Yearly Payout of 2020
1. Jimmy Johnson$502,851
2. Jonathan Jakovac$486,825
3. Austin Johnson$472,600
4. Paul Tesori $417,595
5. Adam Hayes’$374,625
6. Tim Tucker$353,801
7. Kessler Karain$346,500

1. Jimmy Johnson

Johnson’s breakthrough moment came when he was selected to caddie for Steve Stricker, a prominent professional golfer, in the late 1990s. Johnson and Stricker developed a strong bond during this cooperation, which helped them win several tournaments and turn around Johnson’s career.

Jimmy Jhonson
Jimmy Jhonson

Johnson has had the honour of serving as a caddy for a number of well-known players throughout the years, including Justin Thomas and Brooks Koepka.  Currently,he is caddying for Justin Thomas.

2. Jonathan Jakovac

Australian-born Jonathan Jakovac made a name for himself in golf thanks to his extraordinary talent and impressive consistency. His perseverance and hard work paid off when he was awarded a golf scholarship to study at a prominent American university, where he improved his skills.

Jonathan Jakovac and Ryan Moore have partnered up in a number of professional events recently, displaying the strength of their combined abilities. The synchronised play, extraordinary chemistry, and shared love of the game of this dynamic combination have mesmerised onlookers.

3. Austin Johnson

Austin Johnson, who was born in 1983 in Columbia, South Carolina, grew up surrounded by the golf industry. His father, Scott Johnson, was the head coach of the golf team at Coastal Carolina University and a professional golfer. Austin’s father had a big impact on how passionate he became about the game and how hungry he was to learn all about it.

When Dustin Johnson, Austin’s younger brother, became a professional golfer in 2007, Austin’s career as a caddy got underway. Dustin asked Austin to be his caddy after noticing his passion for the sport and his innate ability to navigate courses and assess the situation. 

Austin is still making his impact on the PGA Tour, and his narrative serves as motivation for aspiring caddies and proof of the value of working together as a team to achieve success on the golf course.

4. Paul Tesori

Paul Tesori was born on September 16, 1972, in Jacksonville, Florida. Tesori was enthralled by the nuances of the game as a child and developed a profound passion for golf. While Tesori had outstanding skills on the course, he understood that his true calling might be in helping and assisting other golfers in realising their full potential. He came to the conclusion that becoming a professional golf caddie was the right move for him.

When Tesori started working with PGA Tour golfer Vijay Singh in 1999, his caddy career took off. Singh won numerous competitions and ascended to the top of the Official World Golf Ranking as a result of their collaboration, which was incredibly successful.

Paul Tesori and Webb Simpson formed a partnership in 2010, and it has been nothing short of miraculous. They have accomplished countless landmarks and victories together. 

Paul Tesori inspires aspiring caddies and serves as a reminder of the unsung individuals that make the game of golf so great as he continues to make his mark in the industry.

5. Adam Hayes’

Adam Hayes’ career in golf began when he was a young child and fell deeply in love with the game. Hayes made the decision to become a golf caddie after realising his talent and areas of enthusiasm. 

Hayes gained his first important break when he was hired as a professional caddy on the elite PGA Tour after perfecting his abilities. He joined forces with fellow American golfer Chad Campbell in 2001, beginning a successful partnership that would run for more than ten years. They accomplished several significant successes together, demonstrating that their cooperation was a potent formula for success.

When Adam Hayes hooked up with PGA Tour golfer Russell Henley in 2013, it was a career high point for him. The team made an immediate difference and won the Sony Open in Hawaii with ease.

Adam Hayes is still a crucial player in the world of professional golf today. Top golfers continue to seek him out as a caddy due to his commitment, depth of expertise, and exceptional work ethic.

6. Tim Tucker

Tim Tucker, who has a lifelong interest for golf, started working as a caddy in his early twenties. He has a strong passion for golf, therefore he was drawn to the idea of guiding golfers through the tricky obstacles of the game. He instantly stood out in the caddie world due to his commitment and curiosity.

When Tucker was teamed with Bryson DeChambeau, a really gifted and distinctive golfer who shared Tucker’s appetite for creativity, he experienced his breakthrough moment. Together, they created a powerful team that would influence both of their professional futures.

On the PGA Tour, their partnership has achieved extraordinary success. The team’s ability to perform well under duress was demonstrated in 2017 when they won the John Deere Classic for the first time. It was, however, their victory in the 2020 U.S.

His commitment to the game, steadfast support for his players, and pursuit of excellence will always be remembered in the annals of golf history.

7. Kessler Karain

Kessler Karain was introduced to the sport at a young age. He was born and reared in North Palm Beach, Florida. Kessler’s love of the game was fostered by his father, renowned golf teacher Mike Karain. Kessler’s enthusiasm for the game grew thanks to his father’s influence and their numerous visits to golf courses, laying the groundwork for his future job as a caddie.

Karain’s first experience as a caddy came in 2008 when he began carrying Patrick Reed’s bag on the PGA Tour. Karain’s involvement grew more crucial as Reed’s career started to soar. With each subsequent tournament, their relationship became deeper, solidifying a connection based on trust, respect, and a common desire for success.Patrick Reed’s first PGA Tour victory at the Wyndham Championship in 2014 served as one of Kessler Karain’s career turning points.

Additionally, he has played a significant role in Reed’s accomplishments in external events like the Ryder Cup. As Reed’s dependable caddie, Karain has supported him in tense situations and thrilling moments, which has helped Reed achieve success in team match-play competitions.

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